On April 12, 2022, in Aboudé, Côte d’Ivoire, the Executive Director of the Marie Esther Foundation, Ms. KANGA received one of her partners, the Canadian SACO-CESO (SACO is an engine of international economic development that supports the growth of sustainable and inclusive businesses and strengthens government infrastructure). This was an observation and evaluation mission for the support provided to the Marie Esther Foundation as part of its support for the establishment of an Agroecological garden run by women.

A few weeks earlier, EXPADD (African Experts for Sustainable Development) and the Marie Esther Foundation had agreed to sign a partnership agreement within the framework of the execution of several activities related to the operation of an agroecological center. In concrete terms, the purpose of this agreement is to establish the main bases for cooperation between EXPADD and the Marie Esther Foundation and to highlight the conditions under which future partners will be required to cooperate in fundamental areas of common interest, in particular concerning raising awareness, seeking funding and deploying concrete actions on the ground in support of the creation of the Agroecological Center.

This visit to the site of the future agro-ecological center, in the company of the partner SACO CESO, is a prelude to the development of livestock, agricultural, agroforestry and local product processing activities, all of which will be carried out according to the principles of sustainable development.


Dr Christophe GBOSSOU

EXPADD Coordinator