We are witnessing everywhere in Africa the boom of second-hand cars coming from European countries and the USA in general. These vehicles are “recycled” in Africa, a continent that is still struggling to develop local transport solutions, despite timid attempts in Nigeria and Ghana (for sub-Saharan Africa).

Côte d’Ivoire has reduced the age of these imported vehicles to 5 years in recent years, but this measure has not yet had a major impact on air pollution levels. Obviously, it should go further! The facilitation of credit for the purchase of new vehicles, the predisposition to accommodate electric vehicles, the development of quality public transport, and the promotion of non-motorized vehicles (bicycles) remain unexplored or little explored areas that could considerably improve air quality in African countries.

In addition to the States, the companies and the civil society should get involved and invest in this problematic indexed on the health of the populations.


Dr Christophe GBOSSOU

EXPADD coordinator