Source: MOGED

Climate change is one of the most pressing concerns in the world today. The effects of man’s actions in nature are felt in all regions. The concentration of greenhouse gases changes the average temperature of the planet, and consequently the climate. These changes are seen all over the globe, such as the rise in water levels, increasingly extreme temperatures, with harsher winters and hotter summers.

Francophone countries are more diverse and for this reason they are affected differently. The government of Emmanuel Macron has been marked in recent years by the defense of the environment. France has suffered with the hotter summers and the burning of its vegetation. But it is not the most damaged region in terms of climate change among the French speaking countries. The Sahel, located in the north of the African continent, is experiencing a dramatic situation.

Increased extreme rainfall and more severe droughts coupled with inadequate land use make the soil unable to absorb water, further modifying ecosystems. Environmental factors combined with poverty force people to move and cause a massive rural exodus. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO, 29.2 million people were food insecure in the Sahel.