Source: EXPADD, Feb. 2022

At the initiative of Ms. DONWAHI, in charge of environmental issues within UVICOCI (Union of cities and towns of Côte d’Ivoire), a working session was held on Tuesday, January 18, 2022, in the presence of Mr. YAPO , CEO of the umbrella institution and Mr YAO, project manager. The ARDCI (Assembly of Regions and Districts of Côte d’Ivoire), the umbrella institution of the Ivorian regions was also represented by Messrs. TONGA and SOHOU.

The International Network “Rural Agricultural Training” created in 2006 and active in Africa, was also represented by Mr KISSY, executive secretary in Côte d’Ivoire.

It is therefore in the presence of all these personalities that Dr Christophe GBOSSOU, coordinator of EXPADD (Experts of Africa for Sustainable Development) presented in a succinct and laconic way the platform of experts from various fields but brought together by their desire to contribute to the sustainable development of territories in Africa.

Discussions followed the presentation and led to the following suggestion for EXPADD: to propose precise and budgeted projects to the territories; this would allow those in charge of these territories to target initiatives that may be of interest to them and to initiate negotiations relating to the conditions of collaboration with EXPADD. The expected document should be available by mid-February.

Dr Christophe GBOSSOU

EXPADD coordinator