Source: Gilbert NAkweya, January 2020

During the study, published in the journal World Development this January 2020, the team studied the level of tree and shrub growth in 432 smallholders in 60 Kenyan villages where agroforestry has been promoted for more than ‘a decade.

They twinned 61 villages not using agroforestry with 60 villages in Bungoma and Kakamega counties in Kenya where Vi Agroforestry , a program of Swedish non-governmental organizations, had promoted agroforestry among smallholders.

Judith Oduol, study co-author and agricultural economist at the World Agroforestry Center, says that while agroforestry has been promoted for its potential to rehabilitate degraded landscapes, its potential to improve the status of beneficiaries in terms of household income, food security and assistance to populations to cope with the consequences of climate change are limited due to their low adoption.

Agroforestry increases income for smallholders – Sub-Saharan Africa (