Source: Roland Louvel , Christian de Gromard, in Contemporary Africa 2017 / 1-2 (N ° 261-262) , pages 223 to 240

Bioenergy is the oldest form of energy man has developed and biomass is the main source for the majority of the population in developing countries. Almost half of humanity relies on it daily to cook their food and, for more than two in three Africans, biomass is essential energy. When we talk about energy, we generally consider its artificial modes of conversion (electric turbine, photovoltaic panel, automobile engine, gas stove) without taking into account that, on the planet, the most widespread conversion is that of photosynthesis. . Biomass is the primary energy converter and generates around one hundred gigatons of oil equivalent (Gtep) each year, or ten times the annual production of all fossil fuels. Biomass is particularly present in Africa, which has favorable conditions for its development: sunshine, temperature, available spaces and abundant water resources.

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