Source: EXPADD in Ivoirebusiness, Dec 2021

Current state of the forest in Côte d’Ivoire

The last forest inventory in Côte d’Ivoire dates from 1979. No recent faunistic inventory is known except for the national parks of Taï and Comoë.
The state of the forests in Côte d’Ivoire, measured among other things by satellite imagery, reflects a clear trend of deforestation and degradation of the resource.

The Ivorian forest fell from 7.8 million hectares in 1990 to 3.4 million hectares in 2015.This degradation would massively affect the rural forest domain, but also classified forests with an annual deforestation rate of between 3 and 4%. With the disappearance of their habitat, many species are threatened. Some are iconic like elephants and others, less known, are fascinating.

This is the case with the Tai chimpanzees who have a unique culture of tool making, passed down from generation to generation. The country’s forests are also home to the very rare pygmy hippopotamus.

The rate of deforestation is in the order of 150,000 ha to 200,000 ha per year (Eaux et Forêts N ° 7, December 2021)

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