Sustainable development is a major concept of our century, which places both current and future generations at the heart of all social, economic or ecological activity. But beyond the single concept, very few concrete actions are deployed in our African territories to give it meaning.

In West Africa, for example, waste management is chaotic in most countries, although it (garbage) is potentially a real source of energy. Moreover, despite the availability of proven renewable energy resources, their use is still too low, while access to modern energy sources in the region remains the lowest on the planet!

EXPADD (AFRICAN EXPERTS FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT) is a platform of experts, who aim to contribute to the sustainable development of Africa through their studies, advice and training for various actors (local authorities, companies, universities, NGOs) on the African continent.

About twenty expert consultants with various training courses (Agronomy, Energy, Economy, Gender, Microfinances, ESIA, etc.) currently make up this platform and are at your disposal to support you in your projects.

Dr Christophe GBOSSOU (Ecole des Mines de Saint Etienne (France, 2013) – Institute of Higher International Studies and Development (Geneva – 2008) is the founder and coordinator.